Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Freedom Centre gets a facelift!!

That's right! FC got all new furniture just in time for IDAHo (International Day Against Homophobia, May 17th)!!!

So after a couple of days of filling skip bins and constructing Ikea furniture, we can now relax on new orange & 'maro-bergine' couches, play Uno and put our cuppas on new coffee tables, use the computer on a sparkling new desk, sit on new chairs, and browse the library on its spacious new book-shelving!! And thanks to the new storage shelving, we don't trip over stacks of art supplies anymore either! What a wonderful world it is @ FC!!

A massive thankyou to WA AIDS Council (WAAC) for funding the new furnishings and an even bigger thank you to all the WAAC staff and FC volunteers who helped put it all together!



1 comment:

gUi said...

are the new ones as comfy as the old ones?