Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Freedom Centre and StyleAID!

This year StyleAID are going to donate the proceeds from the StyleAID Photography Exhibition to Freedom Centre. At some of our sessions during May we will be filming at Freedom Centre. The footage will be used to make a (very) short film about Freedom Centre (about 5 minutes). This short film will be shown at ;

StyleAID Photography Exhibition
StyleAID Sponsors Night and
StyleAID Renaissance! (the biggest and best W.A. fashion show)

What we are hoping to capture in our short film are peoples experiences at Freedom Centre, what Freedom Centre means to you, coming out stories, staying in stories and anything else you can think about Freedom Centre that you would like to share. We are making it to show the wider community why Freedom Centre is so important, what we do, what we're about and to hopefully open peoples hearts (and their wallets) to our cause.

You can be involved as much as you would like to (which hopefully is heaps wink wink nudge nudge) and for you camera shy lovies you don't have to be on film or identified if you aren't comfortable. You can do a voice over if you like or write something that someone else could read out for you. Whatever you want to contribute you can!


P.S. For more information on StyleAID checkout their website www.styleaid.com.au

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Anonymous said...

someone should youtube the documentary so I can pimp it on my myspaaaace

-shakes fist disapprovingly-