Sunday, August 17, 2008

FC FORUM is now live! & we got DRAGGED with Strykermeyer!!

Stryker came and taught us all the secrets of doing drag makeup at Outspace yesterday!!

Come join us at Strykermeyer workshops #2 & #3! go to the FC website Dropin sessions page for more info.

AND the FC FORUM went live on Friday night, so click here to register and join the FC Online community!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Night OUT with STRYKER


On Saturday we had our night out at Clubwest's 18th Birthday Show featuring Strykermeyer! A HUGE THANKYOU to Stryker and Clubwest for donating tickets so the FC visitors and volunteers could see the show!! Here are a few of the photos (we had learnt about low-light photography earlier that day in Outspace!)

Book out the 5th Oct 1-4pm to come see these photos and many more at the FC Open Day for the PrideWA Festival. AND visit the FC stall at PrideWA Fairday on the 28th Sept for a sneak peak at our photography :D