Monday, November 24, 2008

Coming Saturday Events

So we have a number of interesting, creative and fun events and workshops coming up in the next few months with FC!

-Sat 13th Dec 08 11am-5pm Gender Diversity & Trans workshop
Come and learn, discuss and ask questions about being trans, intersex and gender diverse

-Sat 10th Jan 09 11am-5pm Digital Storytelling session
Come do song/sound recording and filming to tell your stories and get them posted in the FC website's FreeXpress section!!!

-Sat 24th Jan 12noon - Sun 25th Jan 09 10am FC Sleepover Retreat
Come and do digital storytelling, cook up a storm, play singstar, watch movies and hang out with FC

-Sat 14th Feb 09 11am-5pm Sexual Health and Safer Sex Workshop
Come on National Condom Day and Valentines Day and learn all about sexual health and how to keep yourself safer in all kinds of sexual activities!

Check out the FC Calendar
or email Dani at for more info

Friday, November 21, 2008

FC Closing Times

FC will be closed from Sat 20th December (no Outspace that day!) until Fri 9th January for Freespace 4-8pm that day! It will be a bit of a welcome back bash with food and a theme - come dressed as your new year's resolution - or your goal for the year.
So you could come dressed in some kind of work or school uniform, as an artist, as a character you hope to play in a drama or dance piece, as a uni student, or anything that represents a goal you have for the year to come!
BE CREATIVE - and your outfits can be created AT FC as well if you want!

We also have some new Outspace sessions coming up!

Check The Calender for more details!!