Thursday, September 25, 2008

FC SONG Recording!!

So last Saturday we went and recorded the FC SONG!!! It's turned out great, and will be played as the soundtrack to the stills movies (using our photography from the Drag Workshops) which will be played at Pride Fairday this Sunday and the FC Open Day on Sunday 5th Oct 1-4pm. Come along to hear the FC SONG!

meanwhile, here are some photos from the day

Friday, September 5, 2008

FC Sleepover Retreat!

Ever wanted to retreat to FC for a whole day and night??
Now you can! And it’s FREE!!

2pm Sat 11th October – 11am Sun 12th October
@ Earthwise, 315 Bagot Rd. Subiaco

There’ll be great people, music, singstar, movies, food and a range of short workshops about healthy cooking, personal safety, self esteem, and dance. So come along and be FREE at the FC Sleepover Retreat!!

But you MUST REGISTER in advance so talk to Dani on 9228 0354/ 9482 0000/ to register and get more info!