Tuesday, July 15, 2008


...is SO great already, but soon it will be even better! We're currently changing the site to a content management system which will let us have a whole lot more, like;
-a search function
-three new sub-sites for family, for professionals and students, and for friends or straight ally young people of LGBTIQQ young people
-even MORE info
-the second edition of Ama-gi - the FC Zine

All this will be live within the next couple of months so stay tuned to www.freedom.org.au :D

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Anonymous said...

Wow i cant wait for all this to happen. I haven't been to the centre yet as i am nervous to go, but i am often on the site because it makes me feel like im not the only gay teen out there. So i cant wait for the forum and also the new edition of zine will be excellent.
Thanks guys!